Sites to Die For

Dive deeper into historical true crime stories, creepy facts, and spooky tales from some of our favorite Internet haunts.

Historical Crime Detective: True Crime Stories

Forgotten crimes and forgotten criminals lost to history.

Investigation Discovery Crime Feed

Weird crime news, dumb criminal stories, and more from the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Creepy Catalog

Chilling lists and bizarre first-person accounts brought to you by the minds behind Thought Catalog.

America’s Most Haunted

A website, radio show, and book reveling in the paranormal, creepy, and spooky.

io9 True Crime

Not just stories and updates on current cases making the news, but also features and interviews revolving around true crime books, films, television, and other media; the more scientific aspects of crime and crime-solving (like forensics and psychology); and spotlights on famous, infamous, and little-known cases throughout history.