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Scary Good Book Sales This Month

By Sarah Mangiola February 1, 2017


We’re always on the hunt for a killer book that gives us the creeps. And if it’s on sale, it’s even better.

Every month, we’re bringing you a new selection of scary reads at a discounted price. Check out February’s deals now.

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scary good books night life

Night Life, by Ray Garton, $1.99

The sequel to Garton’s classic vampire novel Live Girls, Night Life follows Davey’s life after he spent two years battling the vampires of the Midnight Club in NYC. The vampires he didn’t destroy are out for revenge and are determined to make him pay.

scary good books purification ceremony

The Purification Ceremony, by Mark T. Sullivan, $1.99

When city dweller Diana Jackman returns to her roots and joins a hunting party in British Columbia, things take a turn for the worse when they realize they’re not just hunting animals … someone, or something, is hunting them. This Edgar Award–nominated thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

scary good books lost

Lost, by Gary Devon, $1.99

Sherman Abbott has some problems of his own—made evident by the fact that he tried to commit suicide in front of his younger sister, Mamie. But when Mamie goes missing a year later, Sherman sets out with his vicious dog to rescue her in this suspenseful Edgar Award finalist.

scary good books hymn

The Hymn, by Graham Masterton, $1.99

Combining the psychological with the supernatural, Graham Masterton’s The Hymn follows Lloyd Denman as he investigates the bizarre suicide of his seemingly happy girlfriend. He finds answers in the California desert, where he discovers the Salamanders—a world domination cult in which the only way out is death.

scary good books_ dark water

The Dark Water, by David Pirie, $1.99

This work of mystery fiction doesn’t follow Sherlock Holmes, but rather, his creator—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was inspired to write the character of Holmes by his friend, Dr. Joseph Bell. Pirie’s story tells of Doyle and Bell as they encounter criminals in a sleepy seaside town.

scary good books blood cold

Blood Cold, by Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy, $1.99

This true crime account examines the mysterious murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley—the wife of Hollywood icon Robert Blake. Bakley’s murder still remains unsolved, and though Blake was arrested for the murder, he was acquitted. Journalist Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy investigate the couple’s troubled marriage that eventually ended in death.

Want more thrilling book deals? Sign up for our newsletter to get a fresh batch of discount books delivered to your inbox every week.

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