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Scary Good Book Sales This Month

By Sarah Mangiola January 2, 2017


We’re always on the hunt for a killer book that gives us the creeps. And if it’s on sale, it’s even better.

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scary good book sales empties

Empties, by George Zebrowski, $1.99

This psychological horror follows Detective William Benek as he discovers a series of victims missing their brains, but no sign of how the organ was removed. What follows is both thrilling and terrifying as Benek seeks to uncover the truth behind the strange murders—hoping not to lose his own mind in the process.

scary good book sales wetbones

Wetbones, by John Shirley, $1.99

Bram Stoker award winner John Shirley brings fans of horror and the paranormal a terrifying tale set in Los Angeles. His novel intertwines the stories of three different people: Struggling screenwriter Tom Prentice—whose ex-wife’s mutilated corpse shows up at the morgue; Reverend Garner—a recovering addict on the hunt for his missing daughter; and, the Los Angeles police—who are on the hunt for the ‘Wetbones’ killer who leaves nothing but his victims’ bones behind.

scary good book sales coffins

Coffins, by Rodman Philbrick, $1.99

This novel transports readers into terrifying pre-Civil War Maine. Jeb Coffin’s family are abolitionists and their rural home serves as a stop on the Underground Railroad; but recently a supernatural terror has been plaguing them. Although skeptical at first, Coffin’s friend Davis Bentwood must open his mind to these terrors if he wants to survive.

scary good book sales frankenstein unbound

Frankenstein Unbound, by Brian W. Aldiss, $1.99

Slip into a paranormal, time-traveling world in this retelling of Frankenstein. Joe Bodenland is accidentally transported back into time and finds himself in the presence of literary greats, including Lord Byron, Percey Shelley—and his fiancée, Frankenstein author Mary. He then comes face to face with the a real Victor Frankenstein and his monster, and becomes responsible for making sure history doesn’t rewrite itself.

scary good book sales are you loathsome tonight

Are You Loathsome Tonight?, by Poppy Z. Brite, $1.99

Poppy Z. Brite’s collection of horror stories is sure to haunt you for days. The author explores murder and death, amongst other things, in her gruesome tales. Horror master Peter Straub introduces this impressive collection of terrifying short stories.

scary good book sales child across the sky

A Child Across the Sky, by Jonathan Carroll, $1.99

Secrets and mystery are at the forefront of this paranormal novel. Friends Weber and Philip came to Hollywood to make it big: Weber became one of the most respected directors of his generation, while Philip’s talents went unnoticed until he found his calling directing horror films. But when Philip kills himself, he leaves Weber a box containing unexplainable materials connected to the tragic death of Weber’s mother.

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