Did the Grand Opening of The Museum of Shadows Spark Paranormal Activity?

By Kelly McClure

museum of shadows

Ever since the Museum of Shadows opened in Elmwood, Nebraska a few months ago, owners Nate and Kaleigh Raterman have noticed strange things happening. The museum, which offers a selection of over 1,000 haunted artifacts such as antique dolls, masks, and historic medical supplies, has experienced a significant shift in energy since it’s grand opening in September.

An antique doll named Ayda is thought to be the most haunted item on display. Originally found in a home purchased by a family with whom the Ratermans did business, the doll was reportedly thrown in a landfill 20 miles away—only to reappear in the home two years later, with no eyes. Every so often, when the Ratermans open the museum for the day, they’ll find the doll in a different spot from where she was placed when they left the previous night.

Other especially haunted items include a horned mask that’s known to produce the ghostly sounds of chanting and drum beats, and an oil lamp from Turkey that’s said to make a person feel sick if they touch it. The lamp is kept inside a glass container now, for safety.

“It’s super active,” Mrs. Raterman said in a quote to The Daily Nebraskan. “There’s always something different every night. We’ve never had an evening where nothing has happened.”

[Via: The Daily Nebraskan]

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Featured photo: Museum of Shadows / Facebook