15 Horror Movies for People Who Have Seen It All

How many would you watch?

By Rob Fee
15 Horror Movies for People Who Have Seen It All

This story was first published on Creepy Catalog.

If it’s possible to watch too much horror, then I definitely watch too much horror. I’ve seen so much that it becomes difficult to find new ones and when I do, they’re usually terrible. Scary movies are quite subjective, so you may not agree with every movie on the list, but hopefully this will help you to find some hidden gems that you’ve missed.

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the caller

1. The Caller

What makes The Caller so creepy is that Mary, our protagonist, can’t see or stop “the monster” in the movie, but the monster has full access to her. It’s not your typical style of horror, but there are some extremely creepy moments throughout the film. Imagine Frequency, but it’s not your kind dad on the other end of the line.

seventh moon

2. Seventh Moon

I am a huge fan of Eduardo Sanchez and I’m sure I probably fanboy out every time I see his name on a project, but Seventh Moon is really good. Basically this couple goes on their honeymoon to China and the gates of hell open on them. My only complaint is that the movie is not lit that well so some scenes are hard to see. Other than that, it’s definitely worth checking out.

tucker & dale vs. evil

3. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

If you liked Shaun of the Dead or any type of horror comedy, I beg of you to watch Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Get through the first few minutes of character development and it is insanely entertaining. You have never laughed this much at teens brutally dying. That may have been the most bizarre sentence I have ever written.


4. Contracted

I wouldn’t recommend it for a first date, but if you’re looking for a nice little indie, gross-out flick, this is the one for you. Seriously, you will never want to hook up with a long time crush ever again.

lovely molly

5. Lovely Molly

This is another one from Eduardo Sanchez, but there’s something so haunting about the combination of traditional shooting and first person that makes it feel so genuine and scary. It’s much more subtle than his other work, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all.

noroi: the curse

6. Noroi: The Curse

I’m not a huge fan of J-horror, which is know is blasphemy to many, but Noroi is one of the major exceptions. It feels more like an investigation than an actual movie, which makes it even more intense. There are a few parts that feel a bit unnecessary or go on a little too long, but it ties up nicely and avoids falling into any common horror cliches.

blood creek

7. Blood Creek

What happens when an immortal, demonic Nazi (played by Michael Fassbender!?) resides in your basement and enslaves your family? You’re about to find out!


8. Husk

Imagine getting lost and ending up at an old abandoned house with a creepy cornfield. Oh, and now also imagine that cornfield contains a demonic scarecrow that can infiltrate your thoughts and also murder you.

the poughkeepsie tapes

9. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

You’ll have to dig around online to find it, but there is no serial killer movie more terrifying than the Poughkeepse Tapes. The movie plays out like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, but the deeper it goes the darker it gets. If all low budget movies could pull it off this well, horror fans would be in heaven.


10. Triangle

I don’t know if you’d necessarily categorize Triangle as horror, but it is a masterpiece. Don’t bother looking up the trailer because 2 minutes can’t even begin to sum up the plot. Just take my word on this one because as soon as it’s over you’re going to immediately want to watch it again.

nothing left to fear

11. Nothing Left to Fear

I like movies that explain their supernatural premise through spiritual and religious storylines because you don’t have the hour of the protagonist talking about how they don’t believe in ghosts or demons. Nothing Left to Fear will creep you out from ever visiting your aunt and uncle in Kansas ever again.

mother's day

12. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day doesn’t look like it would be on any sort of horror list, but it is a brutal and unrelenting home invasion movie that doesn’t seem to have any lines that won’t be crossed. Rebecca De Mornay hasn’t been this sinister since The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.

the tunnel

13. The Tunnel

Dark tunnels are creepy enough as it is, but when a group of Australian investigators go down to see why the tunnels beneath Sydney were abandoned, it gets downright terrifying. This is another documentary-style film that works on multiple levels. No pun intended.

hatchet 3

14. Hatchet Trilogy

Adam Green put together one of the most fun and entertaining ’80s-style slasher franchises in years – and if you didn’t see it, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s the perfect amount of campy with a storyline that’ll keep you invested for the entire trilogy.

as above, so below

15. As Above, So Below

I know it’s getting terrible reviews, and all of my friends disliked it, but I really thought it was a fun theater experience. Sure it has its flaws and takes a bit to get going, but I left the theater feeling like I was entertained. It may not be your favorite, but give it a chance before brushing it off as another failed theatrical horror movie.

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